Event ID 4226 after Installing SP2


David Dickinson

After installing SP2, some XP Pro machines on the LAN (we have no XP Home
machines) now get Event 4226 (Source: TCPIP):

"TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent
TCP connect attempts."

All TCP/IP communication slows down on the affected machine, apparently
because a system waits for the number of connections to drop down below the
quota so that another one can be made. (I have not, however, done complete
testing in order to insure that this is what is happening.)

I have seen reports that adding TcpNumConnections = 0x00fffffe (the maximum
allowed according to Q314053) at


does not, in fact, increase the number of allowed connections beyond 10.
One enterprising user (http://www.lvllord.de/) has offered a solutions which
patches tcpip.sys, but I don't want a non-Microsoft patch.

Am I trying to fix the wrong thing? Is there another solution available?

Russ Holcomb

Disabling the firewall did not help but telling it I had my own fire wall
and would monitor it myself fixed the issue.


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