Event ID: 29 W32Time



In the event viewer, the event ID is 29, source is
W32Time. Message says, " The time provider NtpClient is
configured to acquire time from one or more time

Any ideas on what this refers to?
Running Windows XP Home



Wesley Vogel

ID: 29
Source: w32time

[W32time 29 is not a critical message when logged occasionally. It indicates
that the system is unable to synchronize, which can present a problem if the
condition persists. Always monitor the system after this message appears to
ensure that synchronization resumes successfully.]
From: Elliott Fields Jr
[This normally means that the computer lost connectivity to the PDC Emulator or
SNTP server while it was trying to sync the time. To update run net time
command the syntax is below.]

net time /setsntp:<sntp server ip address>

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