Event ID 16650 and 5719



I have a problem with my DC, here is the story,
we had 2 DCs, one of them was acting funny so we decided to remove it from
domain. while working on the second DC, we encountered a problem and had to
rebuild the box. after the building we promoted it back to DC and demoted the
old one. all was fine for two days then suddenly we lost communication with
the domain itself. no server can browse the domain and the workstations as
well. the even viewer shows error with event ID 16650 and 5719 every two
minutes, i checked them out on the knoledge base and the resolution does not
work for us. this is a win2000 domain.
as a result, the active directory on the DC has stopped, i cannot add users,
computers and i cannot join anything to domain anymore.
any help is greatly appriciated.

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