event application log perflib errors



I suppressed the perflib messages (as below) but still get hundreds of
the annoying messages filling the log every time I boot.

sample message:
"Open Procedure for service "PerfDisk" in DLL "D:\WINNT
\system32\perfdisk.dll" failed. ..... Status code returned is data

From MS I saw this info:
"After you suppress performance library (perflib) event messages by
setting the EventLogLevel registry setting as described in the
following Microsoft Knowledge Base article, perflib continues to log
event messages:"
This seems to suggest a know error which was fixed in SP4 and suggests
installiing it - but of course I already am on W2K SP4!
Guess it's not crotical but how can I totally disable the perflib

I am now using win7 and Ubuntu but really still prefer win2k!!


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