Esyndicate or wwwcoolsearch wont go away



Esyndicate or wwwcoolsearch ?
I get Mycrosoft antispyware giving me a report of
Esyndicate trojan/hijacker loading on and spybot
gives a wwwCoolsearch.leftover for the same item. I have
been trying for weeks to remove it.
It hijacks my EI to, it pops up every 5 minutes
it seems an ad for a spyware removal software
(3 different adds it seems, not in random order). This
malware or whatever you want to call it is one
and all the same. In process I have two files :)
C:\WINDOWS\system32\qiwuRS.exe) that keep regenerating no
matter how
I cancel them. In start up registry I have two items
conected to this :(h: c:\windows\temp\se.dll Location
Program located in registry
n\Run.) and
(c:\windows\system32\qiwurs.exe Program located in
In Browser helper objects I get (esyn Module Publisher:
None File path: c:\program files\esyndicate\esyn.dll File
And in my windows temp directory I have ( esyndinst.exe
and se.dll).
Antispyware finds most of this stuff, removes it, it
instantly loads up again.
I have tried manualy to remove them no avail. I
have gone on safe mode to remove them,
but then I cant find the seed of this hijacker. I have
tried cwshredder 2.13....noway, web root spy
Anitspiware MS...noway, spybot...noway and others. I have
reported and sent log files to all of the above without
answer from anyone (for weeks). I am truly
annoyed...enraged . ( Fisrtlyu lets collectivally sue for obviously
hiring a marketing firm (thus being liable) that evidently
misleads and lies with their unwated popups (trespassing)
(ok i'll shut up now...needed to vent. lol). Anyway,
anybody has suggestions on how to remove this.. Is it a
or have I just been too long without playing around with
the core system on xp.


I pity you Jim.....
oops.. here goes the pop up againe,, and MS-AS just
blocked a browser helper, and oh my gosh, just got a
warning of a homepage change, and a request to scan for
spyware. So here we go...but wait...another ad...and again
a block....maybe I should scan 3 times at once....
Another busy day at spyeare dodgers....
Keep in touch jim if you find something.
Damn...again a pop up


-----Original Message-----
I guess it is a challenge then. By the way, that site is
not really helpfull when I already have the latest service
pack, and the antispyware app. Now I need a "Esyndicate
removal for Dummies" book..
Someone writing one already?


Take a look again and you will find links to
Adaware and Spybot, try them.

From other companies
Microsoft is not responsible for the quality, performance,
or reliability of third-party tools.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D)

Or use one of these respected Forums.

Andre Da Costa

I love your sarcasm, its almost similar to that guy on Law and Order:
Criminal Intent. Anyway, its beta 1, and it is also feed back yours that
help to make the product better, so keeping posting those sarcasms. Like
Plun has said, its best to continue running additional thirdparty
antispyware utilities, since Microsoft MSAS, has not reached the quality of
a Microsoft shipping product.
Ad-Aware -
Spybot -
CWShredder -
Spy Sweeper -

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