i am getting an error which is logged in the dns server
event viewer with event id 4016. the error is that "The
dns server timed out attempting and active directory
service operation on DC = 101, DC = 103.168.192. in-,CN= MicrosoftDNS, cn= system, DC=domain_name,
dc= domain. Check active directory to see that it is
functioning properly. The event data contains the error
0000: 00000055". due to this error i am having problem in
my network. how to get rid of this. pls help.

Michael Johnston [MSFT]

As with any AD related issue, make sure that DCs for the domain only point to themselves and one other DC/DNS serverfor DNS. Check the event logs for
other errors as well. Lastly, since this is a reverse lookup zone that is reporting the error, this should really impact your network. It may be a symptom of
another problem.

Thank you,
Mike Johnston
Microsoft Network Support


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