DNS/Active directory?


Steve P

My customer has one SBS 2000 server & a Windows 2000
server for file sharing. About 1am, the Win2000 server
DNS event log started logging event 4016 & 4004, one of
which is replicated below. I was unable to logon to the
server remotely or locally & ended up having to hard
restart the server. Upon reboot, everything was back to

Any ideas what could possibly cause Active directory to
stop communications between the 2 servers?

"The DNS server timed out attempting an Active Directory
service operation on
Check Active Directory to see that it is functioning
properly. The event data contains the error. "

Deji Akomolafe

How is the DNS server configured? i.e., how many NICs? what does its
ipconfig /all look like? How is the zone configured(AD-intg or Primary), is
the DNS server configured with a forwader? if yes, who is listed in the
forwarders tab? Who is listed in the NameServer tab?

Besides these errors, are you getting any other relevant error? For example,
any error reported for the NIC(s)?


Dèjì Akómöláfé, MCSE MCSA MCP+I
Do you now realize that Today is the Tomorrow you were worried about
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