error with Nvida Gforce driver



hi..ihave problem with my Gforce nvida Go6200TE64M/6600ME128M driver after
install new OS(xp home Edition) to my toshiba tecra M4(Xp table pc
Edition) now ihave problem with display adaptor..icant install it at
all,itry to download it from toshiba,but when i update the driver..problem
show alwys file are missing in sys32/or/ nv4mini..idont what that mean!!!.and
Ilost the recovery CD for my Tecra M4..that why Install Xp home adition as
new Os
plzzz help me




Since the video driver is for a laptop--And you obtained it from the laptop
It may be that your best option is to contact the Mfr..
That aside
Many of the laptops use a modified versions of the "standard" video driver,
due to variations in integrated display design.
Such things as backlighting control are the usual areas of differrence.

For "some" Mfrs, the drivers are available from Nvidia, despite the above.

As to problems installing the laptop Mfrs drivers.
Usually, the Mfrs supply media (for a small fee) if the laptop is of recent
This is likely your best bet in terms of time, cost, and hassle.

If you plan on installing a "generic" "retail" version of windows, a full
installable driver package for the laptop is best.
It may be available for download.

If I understand things correctly, you are trying to install XP home on a
laptop that came with XP Tablet edition.
It sounds like things work with whatever windows default driver is used
during the installation, and does not work with a laptop specific driver.
Perhaps the driver is not intended to be used with Windows XP (Home)?

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