error using smart device authentication utily


Jeroen CEuppens

I try to connect with smart device authentication utily to a WinCE device,
while i have put on the authentication program in WinCe (i press start)
IP adress are correct, i get an error, see below, but after i click the
error it said: connected........ If i try to debug, no connect can be made
(error : be sure the device is physically connected)

unknow error occurred while prepping deviceSystem.IO.FileNotFoundException:
could not find file "E:\Documents and Settings\JECE\Local
Settings\Application Data\pubkey.blb" Filename: "E:\Documents and
Settings\JECE\Local Settings\Application Data\pubkey.blb" at
System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(int32 errorcode, string str)
at System.IO.FileInfo.get_Length()
at Microsoft.SDAuthUtil.Form1.TCPFileToDevice(string localFileName)
at Microsoft.SDAuthUtil.Form1.DoPrepDevice()

Can anybody help and say how i can fix this problem?



Alex Feinman [MVP]

Try shutting down the emulator (without saving state) and then launching it

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