Error: "The network path was not found".



This is a 4 computer network with: One Win2000 Server
running Active Directory, Two WinXP "Home" Workstations, 2
Win98 Workstations. The network is running the TCP/IP
protocol and no others.
All connections were functioning normally until I applied
the latest service pack and critical updates to the Win
2000 server. I have checked security settings on the
server and all settings are normal, plain vanilla.
I can ping each Workstation and the Server from anywhere
on the network and I get an immediate reply from the
target TCP/IP address.
I can access the Win2000 Server and all shares on the
Server from any of the Workstations on the network.
I cannot access a shared HP 1200 Laser Printer attached to
an XP Workstation from any computer on the network
including the server. We had full access from all
Workstations before the Critical Updates were applied.
I cannot access any shares on any of the 4 Workstations
even though I can ping the Workstaions from any other
Workstation and from the Server.
The error message in the Networking applet is as
above, "...You might not have permission to use this
network resource...The network path was not found". If I
use the "Cmd Line" to assess the situation: The "Net View"
command lists all the Workstations and the Server from
each XP machine.
However, "Net Use <\\computername>" produces the following
error message, "System error 53 has occurred. The network
path was not found" when attempting to access any
Workstation. However, when attempting to access the Server
from a Workstation, the "Net Use" command completes
successfully to any Server share.
Any ideas? I'm stumped!

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