Error printing MS Office Word docx



I'm trying to print a .docx on a network printer and this is the error I'm

Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup.

This error can appear if a default printer has not been designated or if the
application is unable to locate an existing default printer. To correct this
problem, try one of the following in Microsoft Windows:
If a printer is not available in the Print dialog box, add a printer.
If the application cannot find an existing printer that is already
installed, set the printer as the default printer.
If a default printer is installed but the application is unable to use it,
uninstall the printer driver, and then install the latest version of the
printer driver.
If the printer is on a print server, make sure the printer is available, the
network is functioning, the server is not stalled, the printer is not out of
paper, or the printer is not suspended by the administrator. Printing issues
associated with a network printer are best handled by your local network
For more information about setting up and troubleshooting printer
connections, see Windows Help and Support. (Click the Start button, and then
click Help and Support.)

I've checked that:
The printer I'm using is available and is the default printer.
It is accessible by the application (I see the name and a small green check
There are no network issues (I'm able to see the constantly updated message
indicating the printer is idle or pending documents etc.).
I've gone ahead and updated the driver in case that is the issue.
It is not out of paper/suspended etc etc.
Printing a small piece of text in notepad works.


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