Error opening docx file embedded into another docx file



I have some docx files that have another docx file embedded. When using Word
2007 we have no trouble opening them. When using Word 2003 we can open the
main file but we get an error opening the embedded docx file. This happens
on xp and vista machines with office 2003 and the compatibility pack
installed. Office & OS are fully patched.

The error is "The server application, source file, or item cannot be found.
Make sure the application is properly installed and that it has not been
deleted, moved or renamed." Also, when the embedded docx file is selected,
in the bottom left corner of the Word window is a message, "Double-click to
edit SAX XML Reader 5.0".

Looks to me that compatibility pack has trouble with embedded files. Also I
don't really understand if SAX XML Reader is part of the compatibility pack.
If it is, it works fine to open the non-embedded file.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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