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After system restore and during re-start I got the following erroe message
" Error Loading c:\Progra~1\MyWeb~1\bar\2.bin\F3Scrctr.DLL This specified
module could not be found " ( end of message.
I'd like to know 1) what is it for. 2) do I have to have it. 3) If yes, how
do I get it. I must have removed it unknowingly during one of those " delete
" fix. That message poped up every time on re-start, quite annoying.Thanks.

Rick Rogers


1) what is it for

Something that is trying to load in your startup group.

2) do I have to have it.


3) If yes, how do I get it.

By reinstalling the program that was presumably removed.

What it looks like is a leftover startup entry that is referring to a
program that has been removed. Run msconfig from the start/search line,
look for a line that references it and uncheck it.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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