Error installing GPMC with SP1



I'm trying to install GPMC with SP1 but keep getting the error,

"Microsoft Group Policy Management Console with SP1 must be installed
per-machine by a user with administrative privileges on the machine."

If I install it logged in as a local admin then it installs and works fine,
but if I'm logged in with a domain account that is in the local
administrators group then I get the above error.

Darren Mar-Elia \(MVP\)

Try running this from the command line and see if it works (obviously you'll
need to change the path to the gpmc.msi file to reflect where it actually is
on your system):

msiexec /i c:\gpmc.msc ALLUSERS=2

Note that the capitalization of ALLUSERS is mandatory.


Darren Mar-Elia
MS-MVP-Windows Server--Group Policy
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