error code 80070643



I am trying to install WSUS 3.0 on a MS Server 2008 64-bit
and I am getting errors
the error code 80070643 comes up when I look at the failed reason on update
All the prerequisites have been installed IIS 7.0, .NET Framework
There is no antivirus software on this computer
I have even tried uninstalling the windows internal database so it will
install a new copy of it

The error reads as follows
There is a problem eith this Windows Installer package. A program run as
part pf the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel
or package vendor.
the errors in the WSUSSetup log
InstallWsus: MWUS installation failed (Error 0x80070643: Fatal error during
installation...same errors for CInstallDriver and CSetupDriver: LaunchSetup
As well the other error log has error status: 1603
I have tried to install WSUS 3.0 with a clean install of server 2008 but
nothing is working
PLEASE HELP, need to get this server up and running


Hello Cory,

You receive an error 1603 A fatal error occurred during installation error
message when you try to install a Windows Installer package

When you try to install an update for the .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0,
or 3.5, you may receive Windows Update error code "0x643" or Windows
Installer error code "1603"

Description of the security update for the .NET Framework 2.0 for Windows
Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000

Perhaps tÑy the WSUS Newsgroup

On the web: WSUS General

In your newsreader:

Thanks and good luck !



well i appreciate the links to these knowledge base articles
but I think I have read every single article on this
it still does not answer my questions

Is there a problem when installing WSUS 3.0
on a MS Server 2008 using virtual iron
all the web updates have been done
I am using the windows internal database
I am using E drive to install database on
I have met ALL the prequesites
why does it error out during that part of the install
what is it trying to do when it fails
I have looked everywhere for some help on this
and tried everything everyone has mentioned
except tampering with the registry

You general help on the WSUS does not help either

Do you need anything else to help with this???

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