Error 800401F - Can't download Address Book



Thanks in advance for the help, all.

Just this morning a user reported an error when they hit
"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The
operation failed. An object could not be found.'"
I've since found that everyone gets this error when they do a manual
Send/Receive. All mail is still flowing in and out, but I'm getting
this in my Sync log;
"12:13:45 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
12:13:45 0X8004010F"

It seems I'm unable to get the Offline Address Book even when I try
to download it manually (Tools\Send/Receive\Download Address Book).
I've tried removing my .oab files and even re-creating my profile but I
keep getting this error.
We're running an Exchange 5.5 server with Outlook 2003. The server,
exchange, workstations, and Outlook ALL have the most recent service

This suggests to me that the problem lies on the server itself. Is
there anyway to manually recreate the offline address book? I still
have the .oabs on each workstation, and have the address book available
in Outlook, it's just not being updated.

Any thoughts?



Got It!
It apeared we somehow "lost" our OAB (size was 0).
To Resolve;
In Exchange Manager go to DomainName\Configuration. In the right pane
select DS Site Configuration, go to Properties.
Under Offline Address Book tab, select the appropriate serevr and
objects to be listed. Hit Generate All to recreate your OAB from the
Recipients selected.

You can also see M$ Disaster Recovery where I found the solution, here;

Which states what I've truncated above.

Hope thsi helps somebody!

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