Erroneous File Attachment Print-Out



When I recently have sent some e-mails with or without attachments, when I
print a copy of the e-mail, there are attachments listed on the "attachments"
line of the print-out that were not sent with the actual e-mail. Some of the
attachments listed don't even exist on my computer. I have run Virus Scan
and even removed and reloaded the MS Office 2007 Professional software but
the problem still exists.

I have sent similar e-mails to another accessible e-mail address to confirm
what attachments were actually sent and received. The attachments received
were only the ones that were intended to be sent however the e-mail printout
still lists these additional file attachments. A very annoying issue.

Bill R

What are these additional attachments?
IS "Print attached files" selected?
Try updated printer drivers.


The attachments listed have generally been 2 or 3 of perhaps 6 different
files. Any intended file attachments are also listed. I sent an e-mail
this morning without attachments and when I printed the sent e-mail, there
were 3 file attachments listed on the hard copy. 4 of the 6 erroneous files
do not exisit anywhere on my computer system and the other two represent a
newspaper cartoon clip and the other one is a conference logo.

"Print attached files" was not selected and I updated printer drivers with
no success. In checking older hard copies of e-mails, I found out that this
problem actually existed earlier than I thought and seems to coincide with my
upgrade to Microsoft Office Professional 2007 from the 2003 version.

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