Epson TMT-88III serial printer


I am not sure if I am in the right group.

My problem is this:

My VB.NET application prints to the Epson printer using Epson OPOS
drivers. I have downloaded the Epson ADK for .NET from the EpsonExpert
site ( I have also downloaded the Epson Advanced
Printer Driver from the Epson site.
I have installed Microsot POS for .NET on a windows 2000 machine. The
installation completes but it throws an error "Error 5008. Registration
of WMI Provider failed. Return code 3". So I went in and manually
registered the msposwmi.dll.
Then I installed Epson ADK for .NET and set up my Epson TM-T88III
Receipt printer using the SetupPOS utility. When I try checking the
health of the printer using the CheckHealth utility, it gives me this
================== Exception =====================
ErrorCode : Illegal (106)
ErrorCodeExtended : 0
Message : Failed the native method processing.
Target : Void Claim(Int32)
## StackTrace ##
at iTimeout)
at CheckHealthTest.MainForm.ExecuteCheckHealth(DeviceInfo objInfo)
at CheckHealthTest.MainForm.btnCheckHealth_Click(Object sender,
EventArgs e)
Message : Failed : Win32API.SetCommState
Target : Void PortOpen()
## StackTrace ##
The Epson printer is a serial printer connected to COM1.

The VB.NET application prints to the USB and Ethernet printers of Epson
successfully using the OPOS drivers when set up in the same way as
mentioned above. This problem is coming only when I try printing to the
serial printer and setup the serial Epson printer.
As per the Epson site, the error code 106 is thrown when there is a
conflict in ports. But no other device is using COM1. However, I have
another doubt here-When I setup the printer using the Advanced Printer
Driver, it creates a new port ESDPRT01 which is assigned as a COM1 port
and is used by Epson to print.
Any ideas or maybe tell me which group should this be posted to?

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