Epson 4490 woes



I have an older Epson 4490 that I have been trying to set up in a remote
area of the house and use with my laptop with the plan to continue scanning
35 mm slides. While it did a good job scanning using the full sized PC, I
can't get a proper scan with the laptop. I am very often getting many small
heavy lines right across the images and no matter what I try, I can't seem
to get a normal scan. At first I thought there was an incompatibility with
Vista and there was with the Epson drivers, so I switched to Vuescan which
does fine, but still get the heavy lines in the scan. So the question
becomes, why am I getting these poor scans using the laptop while on the PC
I didn't get such lines and is there any way to rectify? The whole reason I
switched to the laptop system is because it's a space saver and I don't have
to use up valuable space like I do in the main PC room.

Any help would be appreciated.


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