Entering Spanish Characters



I am using Word® 2003. Strange things happenWhen I use the keyboard to enter
Spanish characters (Ctrl+' (apostrophe)+the letter), no character is entered.
Other things might happen; open a new document, center text, etc. It doesn't
seem to matter which Alt, Shiftt or Ctrl buttons I use.

These controls worked well with Word® 2000 but not with 2003. Wrong setting
somewhere? HELP!

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Perhaps you have an international keyboard layout enabled? If so, you could
press apostrophe alone and then the letter. But the fact that you're getting
other actions suggests something even stranger about the keyboard layout.



Thanks for the reply. One thing I had not done was to enter ¨´¨, vowel. This
worked (á), as long as I was using the Spanish international sort or
traditional sort.
Pusing the colon/semicolon key gives ñ. Pushing the +/= key gives ¡, and
pushing the SHIFT+1 key gives you a !. With a brief excursion on the
keyboard, one can find other key combinations that do the same thing.

BUT, one must becareful. Pushing a key MAY result in entering the wrong
character, depending upon whether the Mexico, International or Tradional
keyboard is used. It is be very confusing.

It seems that Microsoft tries its best to confuse things with each new
version. Making these entries was so much easier in Word® 2000.

Thanks for the help.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

I assure you you can still use the traditional shortcuts in Word 2003
provided you have a bog-standard U.S. or U.K. keyboard selected in Windows,
as I do it all the time.

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