entering mulitple records in Access



Apologies I am a complete novice at Access.

We use Access 2003. My member of staff needs to be able to add a large
number of records into a database. I usually would use a straight forward
data entry form. However, the basic data entry form only allows me to enter
one record at a time and I need to fill out each field every time.

I have a field called Quarter which would stay constant for 100s of records
and two further fields Trust and Hospital. For a large number of records, all
three fields would have the same values and the other fields (specialty, new
Seen, new dna, new cna) would have various values.

Is there any way of typing in the value for Quarter,Trust and Hospital and
entering multiple records with different values for the other fields,all on
the same form, before changing Quarter,Trust and Hospital and entering more
records, again on the same form?

This is difficult to explain but basically my staff member does not want to
keep retyping the same values unnecessarily and also have the data entry
similar to table data entry would make it quicker than entering each record
individually like the basic data entry form.



Tom van Stiphout

On Fri, 17 Oct 2008 06:13:01 -0700, sarahphonics

One option is to prepare the data in Excel, and then import it. Excel
has that nice feature where you can drag a cell value down and it will
repeat that over many cells.

Microsoft Access MVP


Add unbound text boxes to your data entry form. Set the default of the bound
text boxes to the unbound text box or null.



Albert D. Kallal

If you hit ctrl-' then the data is copied from the last form.....

So, the user can simply hit ctrl-' for each text box they want to copy from
the last reocrd......

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