Enrollment of certificate to a different CSP



I have windows 2003 with a CA enterprise installed.

I cannot enroll through the web
(http://computer_name//certsrv) some certificates template
(like enrollment agent certificate)
to different CSP's except Microsoft CSP.

So I have duplicated a new template v.2 certificate in
which I've chosen a different new CSP and I called
it "Private Enrollment agent" template.
My new template appears in the list of certificate
templates in the "Active directory Sites and services"
but does not appear in the Certificate template list of
the "CA enterprise".

For this reason, I went to explicitly configure the CA to
issue the template in > CA snapin -> Certificate Templates
to issue
but the newly created certificate template doesn't appear
in the list of certificate to issue.

I have only one domain and no replication issues.

Thanks in advanced,



Vishal Agarwal[MSFT]

From what machine are you trying to enroll for this certificate? W2K or WXP
or WS2003?

Have you checked the ACL's on the template?

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