VPN Logons - Certificates



Hello All:

Don't know where else to post this since there are no groups pertaining
specifically to Certificate Services. I am trying to configure an enrollment
station to issue certificates to VPN clients who will be using smartcards.
Here's what I've done and here is the problem:

Setup an Enterprise ROOT CA to issue the cert and will take offline.
Setup a subordinate CA and requested certificate from root and installed.
Installed the smartcard logon user template - made sure permissions are set
Installed ceretificate in the Personal store of the account I will use when
issuing the Certs to VPN users.

Problem is, when I logon to the cert server http://localhost/certsrv and
select advanced and then request on behalf of another user, there is no
certificate to chose from in the Administrator Signing Certificate drop
down....no certificates are available.

Driving me nuts! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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