enable outlook security.oft to allow programs to send email with out nag boxes



I am trying to allow a program to send an e-mail through
outlook on my behalf without getting the nag boxes.

We have a customized program that sends out emails for us
but since we moved to outlook this nag box pops up for
each one. We have to sit there for hours clicking yes to
each one and allowing access for 10 min maximum.

I have installed the outlook security features
administrative package on my machine and followed the
read me to configure it to allow this but have not been
This is what I have tried:
1. The admpack.exe installed easily then I installed
and registered the trusted code control.
2. Under customizing the outlook security setting
a. I created a public folder named Outlook Security
Settings and for testing purposes I gave myself the owner
under client permissions and added myself to directory
rights and administrative rights with full control.
3. Then on to page 5 of the readme titled modifying
the default security settings.
a. I followed all the steps with no problem until
step 8
Modifying the default security settings
Use the following procedure to modify the default
security settings established by the security features.
To use the Outlook Security template to modify settings
on Exchange Server
1. On a computer running Outlook, open
OutlookSecurity.oft from the working directory where you
installed the Outlook security tools.
2. -7......

8. Create either a default security setting or custom
settings for a specific set of users.
To create a default security setting that will be used by
all users, click Default Security Settings for All Users,
and then scroll to the bottom of the template and click
the Close button.
To create custom security settings for a specific set of
users, click Security Settings for Exception Group, and
then type a name in the Security Group Name box that
describes the group. In the Members box, type the name of
each user who must have custom security settings. If the
Exchange server you are running against is an Exchange
2000 or later server, then you can use distribution lists
(only server created security groups) in the Members box.
Otherwise, you cannot use distribution lists. Adding
users from the Contact Address Book is not supported.
Specify the settings you need and then click the Close

When I make my changes and click close. It then asks if
I want to save my changes and I click yes. Then I get
this error (The access levels on this security setting
cannot be saved, probably because of an invalid
password. This setting is currently set as a default
setting for all users. You should either delete the
setting or save it again, and type the correct
- I tried save as and in a different location than
my docs. I also tried it with the administrators account
and same thing. I may have gotten around this by using
the OutlookSecurity.oft form and making my changes then
saving it under a different name and it saved.
o The instructions don't tellme where I should have
saved this filel or what to do with it next? Where do I
put it on the server? Do I have to install outlook on
the server to get this to work even though it says on a
computer running outlook???
4. The next section deploying the customized outlook
security setting and noticed my machine or the servers
did not have the registry folder Security under
HKEY_CURRENT _USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and if
ther is an easier way to disable thoise nag boxes.

Thanks so much in advance



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Did you publish the form? That's somewhere in Steps 2-7 that you skipped
over. You need to be using the published form to make security settings
items in the Outlook Security Settings folder, not the .oft file.

You also need the client registry entry that tells Outlook to look at that
folder. Add it if necessary.

Unless the program is a properly constructed Outlook COM add-in, such
security settings customizations will have no effect on it.

See http://www.outlookcode.com/d/sec.htm for other options with regard to
the "object model guard" security in Outlook 2000 SP2 and later versions.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of
Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for
Administrators, Power Users, and Developers




I've run into the same problem after getting everything set up - it appears
there is a limit to how many addresses you can specify for "Security Settings
for Exception Group." I have tested by adding users incrementally since my
80+ mailbox group produced the error. I can add up to 69 users and save the
changed settings without problem. However, when I add that 70th address, I
get the error about "The access levels on this security setting cannot be
saved..." I can reproduce it with no difficulty.

Sue, do you know of any such limitation, and can others reproduce this?

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