Emulator isn't detected anymore by ActiveSync


Rene Ruppert


I'm rather new to Visual Studio 2005. I wrote a small WebService and tried
to call it within the PPC 2003 SE emulator but without succes. Sneaking
around on the web I figured out that ActiveSync has to be installed. I
accidently installed version 3.8 instead of 4.1 but at least the emulator
was detected when I set it to be cradled.

Shortly after this I uninstalled 3.8 and installed ActiveSync 4.1 - now the
emulator won't be detected any longer. In the connection combobox of
ActiveSync I can only choose between "COM1" and "COM5". There is no such
thing like a "DMA" entry.

Damn, this has been bugging me for too long...any hints are welcome!




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