Employee Time calculating and tracking



Dear Friends,
I work for a Label manufacturing company which has 60 employees. We
calculate their Overtime and salary amount in excel sheets. I first put the
in time and then the out time of the employees which gives me the work hour,
overtime hour and late hours of the emplyee of each day. then finally i add
all the work hours, overtime hours and late hours to get the total. If an
employee is absent it shows A mark in red and automatically deducts 1 day
from total present days. Then i insert these final totals in the salary sheet
which generates overtime rate, amount, conveyance, tea allowance, Gross
Salary. Deductions like professional tax, late hours, loan, Absent days
salary, E.S.I.C., R.D., Advance, Adjustment with remark, Net Salary.
Now I want Access to do things automatically for me. I mean I just have to
input the daily in time and out time of the employee. It should automatically
calculate the over time, late hours, absent days etc. It should geerate the
net salary automatically. finally it should print the employees monthly
salary slip.
Thank you,


great. You know what your queries should do. How far have you gotten?
We don't get paid. If you send money, someone will build it for you.
Otherwise, you have to try and come back with a more specific problem.

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