Embedded Excel would Span Pages



In Word 2007 under XP Pro, I have embedded an Excel spreadsheet that exceeds
1 page in length. How do I make the whole spreadsheet visible at once in the

Stefan Blom

You can't. Inserted objects cannot span pages in Word.

Consider the following alternative approach: Instead of an embedded file,
create an external Excel file. Then copy the relevant cell range. In Word,
choose Home tab | Paste | Paste Special. Choose to "Paste link" as
"Formatted Text (RTF)" which means that you are creating a table with the
linked Excel data.


I thought of a real clunky way to get what I need. Basically, I open the
excel spreadsheet and scroll to what I want displayed on the following
page(s). Then I copy the object, move to the next page, and do a
Paste->Special->Paste-Link of an excel object, and it displays the view I
have set in the original excel object. Then I go back and open the original
object and scroll it where I want. This seems to work, but you can't update
the link without resetting all the views again.. :-(

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