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Hi - I am a relative newbie to Frontpage. My (small) company are trying to
send out an email newsletter that I have designed in frontpage. While it
looks great in frontpage preview I don't know how I transpose it into
outlook to send. I have tried copy and paste into an outlook email but it
loses some of the formatting, in particular the table width I had specified
in FP.

Can anyone provide ideas as to the best way of doing this? We are pretty
despeate to get this out tomorrow prior to the (UK) law chnging about email
marketing on 11th Dec!






Steve Easton

Either publish the page to a "public" location
( server ) and then open it in IE and select
File > Send > Page by e-mail.

Or Compose it in Outlook or Outlook Express
set to compose in html, and then simply send it.

Tom Gahagan


You might want to look at a little program called Mail Master.... I think I
got it at or zdnet.... or someplace like that. It is a neat
little shareware program that does mass mailings and lets you put in html
code..... so you could cut and paste your FP html.

Anyway.... something to consider.

Best to you.....
Tom Gahagan



Wally S

If you look at the page in "preview in browser," you also have the "send by
e-mail" option. Or you could save the page as an mht file and open it in IE.
You will also have the "send by e-mail" option.

Wally S

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