Email from MSN or Hotmail Does Not Appear in Favorite Folders\Inbox (OL 2003)


John Butler

Hi MSN Email Users
I need help on reconfiguring my Outlook navigation page. I have subscribed
email accounts to Hot Mail and MSN. Until a recent system crash the incoming
messages would appear in the Inbox in Favorite Folders.
After restoring the system The email accounts for HM & MSN appear with all
relevant sub folders in the Navigation Pane the individual inboxes work OK
No incoming email appears in the Inbox in Favorite Folders, which seems to
have become useless. I have verified the outlook 2003 Installation and it is
reported OK
I had been thinking of upgrading to outlook 2007 with the trial edition
first but think that would be a mistake if the "003 is not working properly
Is the problem due to using the MSN outlook connector which self installed
as part of the verification of the program after the crash?
Does one have to have the favorite folders and the individual accounts
shown? I would be happy with one or the other!



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Are those two inboxes on the favorites list? if not, right click on them and
choose add to favorites.

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