Editing WAV clips?


Jayne H

I've just begun exploring PPT and am putting together a presention for a
class. One of the sound effects doesn't begin soon enough. Is it
possible to edit the clip to shorten it? I've read about sound editing
software and about formatting other audio sources to WAV, but I can find
nothing on editing WAV clips, per se.


Most sound editors will work on WAVs. Audacity is a sound editor that has been
mentioned/recommended several times here. I've never used it, but I understand
that it is free.

Suvodip Moitra

Dear User,

The most easiest way to edit a wav is through
Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder. Use open > select
the file > Then do your edition.

Else you can search for a WAV editor in any search engine like

Suvodip Moitra

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