Edit with JVCEverlo G Series GZ-MG275 Hard Disk Camcorder



Our primary (elementary)school has just purchased a JVCEverlo G Series
GZ-MG275 Hard Disk Camcorder. The software it comes with is called "JVC
Digital Photo Navigator Ver 1.5. Would anyone know if we are able to edit the
action captured then downloaded onto the terminal using MS Moviemaker? Are
there any other cards/ bit s and pieces you would recommend?
Thanking-you in anticipation,

Graham Hughes

MM does not work well with the (mod) mpeg files that the jvc makes. I'd
either use their app or buy something that handles them properly, such as
adobe premiere elements or Ulead video studio.

cindy smith

look at the post named "jvc HDD" dated 1-20-06 it recomends a file converter
and if you are like me and are really comfortable with MovieMaker then it


Your advice goes back a long way???Thanks for it. Like you I have worked with
MM for many years now and cannot begin to think why Microsoft are trying to
consign it to the trash can.
I have new JVC camcorder HDD, MTS files (big mistake). And I really do want
to make my movies in MM so will give your idea a try.Thank you very much

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