Easy tool to register a program into a Programs Menu?



When I download some small utilities, they don't have installers. Most
of them can be run right at the very place they were downloaded into.
Some of them, I use quite often so I wish I could access them from the
Windows' Start menu.

Of course I can open the Programs Menu folder ( right click "All
Programs" then click "Open") and create a shortcut of the executable
there, but this requires quite a lot of work. There already is a
feature like creating a shortcut to the Desktop, and Pin to Start
Menu, but not I want to keep my Desktop clean, and you can't pin that
many programs on the Start Menu because of its limited space. Why
isn't there simply a thing like "Pin to Programs Menu" or "Send to >
Programs Menu (create a shortcut)"?

Well if I'm wanting too much from Windows, is there any utility that
adds a menu like that in the Explorer's context menu?

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