Easy dynamic chart.



Creating a dynamic chart is difficult, there should be a dynamic chart wizard
that will create it with you.
Also if my serie value is a name range, it would be nice to just right the
Name range directly not with the complex formula.

='xyz.xlsx'!name range

but just name range.

xyz and name range is a fictive value.

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Jon Peltier

A wizard would sure be convenient, but I wouldn't count on seeing it in
Excel any time soon. If your dynamic range only needs to expand and contract
as data is added or removed from a range, you can convert the range to a
List (Excel 2003: Data menu, List... or Excel 2007, not sure the tab, but
convert to Table). As the List/Table resizes, any formulas, including chart
series formulas, automatically change the reference to all of the rows in
the List/Table.

Otherwise, you need to specify the worksheet or workbook containing the
Name, otherwise the chart will not be assured of finding it correctly. You
have to use the worksheet name when assigning a regular range address, and
doing so for a Name is really no different.

- Jon

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