Excel x,y chart type x range must be re-entered each series



In Excel x,y type charts, the x range must be re-entered for each series if
the data range is beyond the complexity supported. Please consider a
sub-type for graphs where all of the x ranges are the same. Also, consider
making the data range feature have options for using the top or left row for
series names, and the left or top row for the x range. Even better, allow
multiple rows or columns at top or left for series names.

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Jon Peltier

In a line, column, or area chart, the set of X values for the first series
is used for subsequent series (even if you specifically identify unique X
values for them). If it's an XY chart, consider copying what's in the X
values input box, so you can paste it into the box for the next series.

To use the top row for series names and the left column for X values, leave
the top left cell blank. This tells Excel that the top row and left column
are different from the rest of the data range. To use the top two rows for
series names, leave the top two cells of the left column blank. In fact,
leave blank the cells at the intersection of the top several rows you're
using for series names with the left several columns you're using for
category labels.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
Tutorials and Custom Solutions

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