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Is it possible to dynamically create report and save it in rpt file?

For example I want to add an text object in report on x,y position in page
header. I need that dynamically, because I have a lot of reports made in
Visual FoxPro. It would be nice if I could make a converter. I read VFP
Report a.frx, see a text on position x,y in header and I create text object
in crystal reports on the same position etc... and save the report to a.rpt.
It would save a lot of time but I can't find the way how to dynamically
create object on a crystal report. I'm using the bundled version which came
with VS .NET 2003. If it can not be done in that version of Crystal Reports
can it be done in some other version?


P.S. A little example would be greatly appreciated :)


It must use Report Creation API interface from the RDC that was exposed
by Crystal Reports Version 8 or higher. If use it, you can use this
code :

crxReport.Sections("PH").AddFieldObject "{Customer.Customer
Name}", x, y

PH = Page Header
x, y = Object's position

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