Problem Adding existing crystal reports to c# project




I got a crystal report (.rpt + .cs files) and the dataset (xsd + cs +
designer.cs + .xsc + .xss). I added them to my project and changed the
namespace values in the cs files.

When I added a method to declare a rpt class object like

my crystal report file/class is MyCrystalReport.cs and the

I try to build the project and it came back with an error that the
MyCrystalReport could not be found, missing assembly.

I double check my names in the cs file. The namesponse on the report
cs file is


In the cs file where I want to populate the dataaset and bind to the
report, I started to type in using myGUI.myModule but nothing
appearred in the intellisense after myModule, thus it does not know
about the MyCrystalReport class to declare the object.

Did I missed a step when I

1. Add existing item --> add the crystal report files and dataset to
my project
2. Changed all the namespace value in the cs files.


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