Dynamic Form?



I have one form that has 2 drop down selection fields. I was wondering if by
selecting a field in dropdown1 (linked to table1) it could determine which
fields display in dropdown2 (linked to table2). Dropdown1 is linked to a
table (table1) and determined via a row source command of:
SELECT Item_Type.Item_Type_Description, Item_Type.Item_Type_ID FROM
Item_Type WHERE (((Item_Type.Creation_Type_ID)=1));
Now, once a selection in dropdown1 is made (for example, either A or B), is
there a way that dropdown2 will display certain information from another
table (table2) that can be determined by the Item_Type_ID, which is a field
available in both tables? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Jeff L

Yes. The query of your second dropdown would be
Select Whatever
From Table2
Where Item_Type_ID = Forms!YourFormName!DropDown1Name

Another way would be the On Update event of the first dropdown put
Me.Dropdown2Name.RowSource = "Select Whatever From Table2 Where
Item_Type_ID = " & Me.DropDown1Name

Make sure you use the correct field names ie substitute your field
names for the ones I used.

Hope that helps!

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