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I have a form with fields bound to table1. Field1 is a combo list that is populated by values from field1 in table2. Tsble2 has other fields that correspond to fields in table1. When I am adding a new record in talbe1 and select a choice in the field1 combo list that would have the same value in field1 in table2, I would like to have the corresponding values from the corresponding table2 fields to appear in the form but not necessarily accepting the values before I commit the record to the table. How do I accomplishthis? I am new to VBA.



Feb 17, 2013
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"appear but not accept"... not sure what you mean....

you can "hide" certain columns (e.g. the key column) in the combobox, so that the combobox is still bound to column 1 but shows column 2.

If by "appear but not accept", you mean you want a way to "save" your record manually, you could also accomplish it in another way - accept the data, but have the ability to "undo"

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