DVD Writer wrongly recongized as CDROM



I've a newly installed Pioneer DVR-A10 16x DVD Writer. However, in my
Windows XP the DVD writer only can recongized as CDROM. And when I try
to burn DVD-R, it takes 1 hour for around 3.7GB data. I've plug another
However, I try to plug the DVD Writer to another Windows XP, it can
recongized as DVD/CDROM. And when I burn the same data files, it only
takes 20mins.
Is it the windows XP build in driver has problem?


Try a new ide cable. I really dont know if it will help. I don't know If
you only have an old 40 wire cable or what would happen if you do but it
looks like your only writing at 1x speed. What happens when you burn CDR/Ws
do they burn slow or normal speed?

Glen P


Thanks Glen. My DVD-R is supporting upto 8x speed, as the DVD-R cover
said. All I know is one of my Windows XP got this problem, and rest of
those didn't.
BTW, in the driver's detail, all files are the same, but only a file
called "pxhelp20.sys" is not.
DVD-R writing very slow speed, Windows XP SP2,, 17kb, 03/01/2003
DVD-R writing in normal speed, Windwso XP SP2,, 21kb, 27/10/2005

Glen ´£¨ì:

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