DVD Drivers



Windows recently did an update, for the Defender definitions. Prior to that
my system was running fine. After that update, the dvd-rom will not read
dvd's, audio cd's, games etc.

In control panel, it says the device driver is missing or corrupted. When I
go to the device in device manager and try to update the device, it says it
is using the best driver already. I tried removing the device, windows
detected it and installed the software for it; same thing nothing happens
when a disc is inserted with the same corrupted or missing driver.

There is an option for firmware update on Samsung's site, but nothing for
drivers. The firmware was a download of a file, with instructions for
selecting the drive in a drop down menu and then using a .bin file to update
with; the drop down menu option was blank.

Windows restore to a few days ago did not fix this. I'd rather have access
to my dvd's then not. I'm using windows vista, home premium64-bit. The dvd
is a Samsung 18x dvd SH-S183L Lightscribe dual layer DVD +/- RW.






After three weeks of futile efforts I redid my 64 bit Home Prmeium to 32 bit.
I have several machines and Microsoft allowed me to load the 32 bit disk with
the 64 bit Software License. I had to get tellephone support to do it. I had
to re build as no Photographic software would work under 64 bit Vista. All my
DVD drives went away wih a meesage that I had the best driver. I wish this
problem was more roundly available. All of my drives work now and software
that would not load under 64 bit runs fine on 32 bit. I lost a little memory
access as I had foug gig of ram and now only 3.3 read up. You will need to do
a clean install. I used a new hard drive and wipped the 64 bit drive with the
software form the drive manufacturer. I have a dual boot system and it will
not longer dual boot correctly unless I dfine the Vista dirve or the XP drive
as the start up. Do not beat yourself up and blow out the Vista 64. Very few
people will ever benifit from 64 bit much less Home Premium. I am just mad
this problem was not made clear.
an old cardog just trying to learn.
PS 2 The 64 bit Ubuntu works just fine and does not crash and has lots of
support from the World.
Ps I tunes will not work in 64 bit. Most camera software will not load in 64

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