dvd double layer burners


Stephen Larivee

I have done quite a bit of CD burning over the years but have had no contact
with DVD burning. Recently I decided to break down and buy a DVD burner.
They have gotten less expensive and my needs have changed. I know have much
more data/music/video files to back up. Instead of using a 1/2 dozen or
more CD's, it would be a lot easier to do it on a DVD. Someone told me that
some companies (esp Sony) are coming out with Double Layer DVD burners. Is
this something that I should consider?

I hate to buy something new and then find out that for a few bucks more I
could have gotten a new technology. On the other hand, I don't like being
the very first to try something out that may prove buggy.

I have a one year old system (AMD XP 3000, 1 gig memory, large hard drive)
and Windows XP. I was looking at two Sonys. One was a conventional DVD
burner for about $130 and the other was the Double Layer DVD burner for
about $190. I would gladly pay the difference in price if I felt the Double
Layer technology would work well.

Any comments would be appreciated.




If you buy one of the dual-layer DVD burners now, you would be essentially
buying a first generation product. There will undoubtedly be problems with
these new drives and their accompanying software. The existing DVD burning
technology is now mature and stable. I would buy the best of the existing
products I could find and pair the drive with the best DVD - R or DVD + R/W
disks I could find. You are still getting about 3.5GB of storage on a DVD,
using current technology. That is a lot of mp3's or .jpg's!




Check the review in "PC Magazine", July 2004, page 66 - Dual-Layer DVD
Recording. Comments are about the Sony DRU-700A and rated 4 out of 5.

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