DV Video Not Functional


Jonathan Brady

A while back, I had Windows 98 SE, and did DV Video
Editing, which was almost always successful. Capturing
video was easy, and outputting it back to tape was.
However, ever since I have upgraded to this newfangled
Windows XP Home, I have had video problems.

Originally, it was possible to CAPTURE footage, but on
trying to output it to tape, there would be no signal to
the camera - the display on the camera would shake a
little bit as it used to for about a second before a video
feed came through - but now the display just shakes and no
video feed comes through.

What's worse now is, since I've recently installed Service
Pack 2, it won't even capture footage correctly. On
Pinnacle Studio DV 8, no video feed shows up on the
computer screen, and when the video is captured on a
higher end program, it does show up but the video does not
play back correctly, it is jagged in motion, etc. Is there
an update that I can get to just make this work? I'm
getting a little agitated by the amount of computer
problems I get.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Brady

Graham Hughes, MVP Digital Media

What are the specs of the computer, if you used to run W98 on it, it could
be that it is not up to spec for using XP, which in itself needs a fair bit
of memory, without trying to process video streams as well.

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