Duplicate Programs under 'Admin and User' Accounts



Hi Everyone:

I want to be clear about what I am requesting. I am using Windows XP Pro
with IE 7.

When I bought this computer, it was already signed in as an 'Administrator'
without a password because that was the only account.

I installed programs and customized settings under this account. When I
realized that it should all be under the 'User Account,' (since I should be
signed in as a 'User' on a daily basis) I 'created' a user account and copied
but now have 'duplicate' programs on both accounts, taking up unnecessary
space. Are the copied programs taking up 'extra space?'

How do I delete programs on the 'Administrator' account and go back to the
'original' Windows XP settings before I customized them?

Hoipefully my request makes sense :)




Summer1 wrote:

(snip multipost)

Asked and already answered by me in the other newsgroup to which you posted.
Please don't multipost; it makes more work for everyone and will get you
*less* help, not more. See this for why:

http://www.blakjak.demon.co.uk/mul_crss.htm - multiposting

If you have forgotten where you posted or can't find your post, use Google
Groups Advanced Search and search for your name.

If you have further questions or need more help, please post in your
original thread. I won't be monitoring this one.


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