Dual video settings not retained



Dell Latitude (D810) laptop with add'l PCI video card in docking station.

I had a problem with a corrupted video driver giving me BSOD's and had to
remove that driver as well as the h/w profiles. Now (after recreating the h/w
profiles), each time I reboot, I must re-extend the display onto the second
monitor (the setting is not saved).

Any Win XP ideas, or just back to Dell for the answer?

Wouter Willemse

Is this an Intel integrated graphics thing?

Because I have not yet seen mobile intel graphics ever remember extended
cloned desktop.


No. This is a second PCI card that I bought after-market for the docking
station. The onboard (laptop) video is an ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600, and the
add-on card is an NVIDIA Geforce4 MX4000.

It was working (& retaining the desktop extension) before I had the
corrupted video driver issue & had to recreate the hardware profiles.

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