dual video cards?



ok i found some info on my old video card. from my last
post some might remember but i am trying to use 2 video
cards in the same machine.

I have a ATI radeon 9000 AGP that i want to handle all
graphics and performance.

I also have a ATI all in wonder 128 por PCI that i only
want to use for capturing video and television, vecause
it has a built in TV tuner.

at first i was starting to think it wasnt possible but
then i found a website that told me this
ATI All-in Wonder 128 (16 MB PCI version)

This PCI based video card is a great choice for a double
monitor set up! Use your AGP slot for a state of the art
gaming card and also have a multimedia capable video
capture solution at hand.

so it must be possible. does anyone know how i can set
this up?

right now if i put them both in the computer at the same
time it just uses the all in wonder because it searches
for the PCI slots first. so it wont even recognise my
radeon 9000. I have to get it to do that.






Checkout ATI's website. You can even send them an email with your question - I have found them to be very helpful

Check out Hydravision's capability (ATI utility for dual monitors) on their website

Let me know if thats what your after


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