Dual Monitor - Same Screen Problem


Richard K

I have set up a computer using a video card that supports dual monitors. I
can see that because when I go into Display settings I can see both 1 and 2
and can select either. What I am getting is not a true dual monitor but the
same screen on both monitor 1 and 2. I tried going to monitor 2 in the
display settings and hit the check box for "extending" but when I apply or
save it ignores the check. When I try and change the resolution it also
ignores my changes.

Is there anything I can be pointed to that helps me configure these monitors
and how to get dual monitors working? (display settings, resolutions, which
boxes to check in the settings) I'm new to dual monitors and this makes no


-Richard K


Click on advance and look at the advanced features of your video card.
Probably on a tab labeled "Monitors' or "Displays", you will find a setting
for either cloning your desktop or extending it. I think you know what to do
when you find it.

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