dual boot



I am trying to create a dual boot.I need to uninstall win
2000 and then load win95 first. i tried running win 2000
setup and formatting the drives to remove win2000 but it
will not let me remove the partition with win 2000 on it.
And I cant load win95 with win 2000 on the computer,it
wont let me. Error message pops up saying to run win95
from MSdos. I cant run the cd from the command prompt
ither. How do i completely remove windows from my computer?
As to do a complete new install.Is there a way to make
starup Floppys from the win95 CD without it being loaded
on the puter?



Bjorn Landemoo


Boot from your Win2000 CD and start a new install. On the screen where it
asks where to install Windows you will get an option to delete partitions.
If you delete all partitions, and then quit without completing any
installation, your hard disk will be empty and ready for a Win9x

I'm afraid that I have forgotten all about how to install Win95, so I
cannot answer if it is possible to create a startup disk directly from the

Best regards


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