drivers for 64 bit vista



I have waited a year for hardware manufacturers to get thier acts together,
is it now safe to install 64 bit version of vista home premium? are most of
the drivers now available?




Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Research is the only answer for you right now, find out from the
manufacturers website for the various components in your PC and external
devices if they are compatible before installing.

Tony Linguini

I have been using Vista 64 Ultimate on my desktop for a year. Although it
took a couple of months in the beginning, all hardware and drivers work

I installed it on my Asus tablet, and I use it fine. Asus has refused to
write new 64 bit drivers, however they had some in the beginning. On this
device the hardware button to rotate the screen does not work, but Vista
will rotate it for me.

As a rule, new operating systems are conceptualized 5 years before RTM.
While I do not think hardware manufacturers should not jump on that early,
at two thirds of the way they are plain STUPID not to get involved. Good or
bad, an OS is going to launch when that much time is spent on it.

My 2 cents



Kerry Brown

As others have mentioned some research on your part is needed. I have
recently started using Vista x64. I tried it when Vista was first released
and had to give up because of poor availability of drivers. The situation
has changed. I didn't have any problem finding drivers for a new system I
built last October. I have built several systems since then with no driver
problems. If you have older hardware you need to use then you'll have to
check with the manufacturer. It's unlikely that manufacturers would supply
new drivers for hardware much older than a couple of years at best.


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