Drive order on W2k Server with Software RAID5




I have a server with W2k Server installed. In the machine, I have a
Rocket Raid IDE controller card installed. I have 4 hard drive
connected to the extra IDE controller. I had these drives configured
as a RAID5 array using Windows software RAID5. I am only using the
controller to plug the drives in. I am not using it for RAID since it
does not support RAID5.

Here's my problem. I decided to upgrade my RAID configuration and
removed the drives and controller. I now do not remember which IDE
chanel the drives were originally attached to. I did not remove the
drives from the data cable, only from the two IDE chanels. Does it
matter when I reinstall the controller and drives? I want to be able
to retrieve my data. So far, when I put the drives in Disk
Adminstrator shows the array as failed. I have tried switching the IDE
chanels but that gave me the same effect. To make the situation a bit
worse, one of the drives has failed. Since I had 4 drives running in
the array, the failure of one shouldn't stop the data recovery.

Could someone please advise me as to how to get this working again.
Ultimately, the plan is to move the data to a new array of drives on a
new RAID5 controller.

If possible, I was hoping to not purchase a new drive to replace the
old dead drive since the entire old array is to be decommisioned once
the data is off of it and onto new hardware.




Dave Patrick

Your best bet is to put them back the way they were. If that doesn't work
I'd try one of the disk recovery services.



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