Drawing Objects and Pictures together in table cell: Layout change



In Word 2007, I have dozens of tables created with a cell in the table
containing one "Picture", and then some composite "Drawing Objects" (created
within Word) overlaid upon the background picture.

In order to get the desired effect for the overlaid drawing objects, I use
the "Format Object / Layout" dialog window with the "In front of text" item
selected. In this same dialog window, I then select the "Advanced..." button
and on the "Advanced Layout" dialog window select the "Picture Position" tab
and under the blue "Options" section heading, select the following checkboxes
so they are CHECKED: "Lock Anchor"; "Allow overlap"; and "Layout in table
cell" (the "Move object with text" checkbox has been tried both checked and
unchecked for this problem).

Now all of the above is performed with satisfactory results, and everything
looks great. I then SAVE the document file; and close it.

When I open the document again, ALL of the "Drawing Object" are grossly
mis-placed and completely in the wrong place! If I right-click on any of
these mis-placed drawing objects, select "Format Object..." select the
"Layout" tab, and will find the "Square" wrapping style is selected instead
of the "In front of text" style, as was set BEFORE saving the document.

I've tried everything possible (i.e. putting the Picture in the background,
and/or "Behind the text" wrapping style), and nothing works. For some reason,
the file SAVE operation always resets the wrapping style of all drawing
objects throughout the entire document with the "Square" setting.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Stefan Blom

Can you reproduce this in any document, or does it happen just with a
particular one?

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